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Buy a private cheat for CS:GO - Procheats

Here you can buy CS GO cheats. The best offer is CS GO 2023

With our private cheat, you can relax and play for fun.

Cheat CS GO will make it beautiful!


Tired of competing with experienced gamers? Is it hard to raise the rank because of the noobs in the team? Do you want to do aces in front of the teammates? Improve your accuracy and add the ability to see the enemy through walls by changing the settings. Thanks to the original signature on the drivers, the cheat quietly bypasses the VAC system and goes unnoticed.


System Requirements: Private cheat Procheats for CS game:GO

OS: Runs on Windows 10 / 11.

Processors: Intel and AMD


Функции чита:


ESP functions are not implemented into the game process, they are superimposed using our video driver at the top of the screen.

Box ESP – Drawing a character with a square.

Name ESP – Display of the player's name.

Head ESP – Player's health.

C4 timer – The timer of the bomb before the explosion.

Fade – Smooth animation of visuals functions.

Dropped weapons – Displays the name of the weapon on the ground and circles it in a square.

Sound ESP – Graphical display of steps in the "step" audibility zone.

Box style – Box ESP Styles

Health ESP – The player's health scale.

Weapon ESP – Shows the name of the weapon of the players.

Visible check – Displays the Visuals functions after visual contact with an opponent.

Visible only – Displays Visuals functions only on visually visible rivals

Visualise backtracking – Visually displays the Legitbot Backtraking point


LegitBot - is a specially designed bot that will help you accurately hit your opponent.

Hitbox is the point where LegitBot will be guided.

Head - the head.

Neck - neck.

Chest - chest.

Pelvis – pelvis.

FOV is the target capture radius.

RCS – spray control, anti-recoil.

Smooth - smoothness of aiming the sight at the point according to the set Hitbox settings.

Backtraking – hitting the Hitbox after a miss.


Bunny Hop is a standard jump, which is accompanied by Autostrafe, just hold the space bar and jump like a pro.


Chams – superimposing a color on the player, it will be displayed through the walls.

The color assignment of visible and invisible characters is configured in the cheat menu.

Colors Type – the ability to select the displayed texture on the player.


Skinchanger is a choice of absolutely any paid CS:GO weapon skins. Now you don't need to spend money on skins.


Triggerbot – accurate shots at the moment of aiming the sight at the opponent, the ability to assign a key,

holding which the triggerbot becomes active, you can also turn on and not hold the key, the trigger itself will shoot when pointing

the sight at the opponent.


RADAR – includes a radar on which rivals are displayed, it is possible to connect it to an existing radar in the left corner of the screen.


After payment, you will receive detailed instructions on how to activate, launch and use the program. Which will be sent to the email address specified before the payment.

There you can also find a download link and the necessary components for the program to work.

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